In less than 3 weeks, the Winter Olympics will begin in Sochi, Russia. For ages, the Olympics have stood as a symbol of unity and peace, but in recent months the Russian government has twisted those principles with anti-gay and anti-free-speech laws. It is against the law to speak publicly about LGBT issues there.

The hostile climate created by these laws has created a growing epidemic of anti-gay violence in Russia. Despite this situation flying in the face of the Olympics’ principles of human rights and freedom, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has continually refused to demand change.

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The Olympic Committee and the Russian government will be seeking to minimize protests during the Games and have banned any overtly political demonstrations. But Principle 6 gear uses the Olympic Charter’s own language of inclusion to make a statement that athletes, coaches and fans can deliver right to the heart of the Games. It’s time to show the Russian government that we are all proud of human diversity and we will uphold the spirit of the Olympics no matter what. Now is our moment to tell the Russian government and the IOC that the world is watching and we demand equality. Proceeds from the Principle 6 merchandise will be donated to organizations working to protect LGBT people in Russia.


Don’t Ask Me Why Credits

CREATED BY Alex K. Colby
PRODUCED BY Ticking Clock Productions, LLC.

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Don’t Ask Me Why
PRODUCED BY Griffin Rodriguez

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Finally, we’d like to give a very special thank you to Nguyen P. Nguyen for his audacity and inspiration.